Hi guys,

I have decided to do my bit for the weird western genre by listing and reviewing weird western books, comics, games, TV, movies etc.. Why? I hear you ask. Because I love the genre and I would like to do my bit to promote this cool genre.

How will I review a product and what will it contain? The reviews will be short and may contain things like:

  • A book cover, picture or screenshot of the product
  • A brief description or book blurb
  • A link to the product (Goodreads, Homepage etc., but not an online seller if it can be helped)
  • My personal opinion of the product
  • My personal scores for each aspect of the product as defined by me (well it is MY review)
  • My personal overall rating out of five stars
    • 5 Stars: Awesome! I couldn’t put it down
    • 4 Stars: Fantastic. A real page-turner
    • 3 Stars: Enjoyable. A good read
    • 2 Stars: Not fun. A struggle to read
    • 1 Star: Not recommended (no hate)

If you are interested in the weird western genre and most intelligent, good-looking people are, then check back with my blog regularly.

The reviews will be title; Review 1, Review 2 etc.. Yeah, I know. It’s a brilliant naming convention and I should patent it…

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