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The Warden Saga is a fantasy series set in a world of magic and mystical creatures…oh, and demons. There are five books currently planned, the first is the King’s Warden, the second is The Warden’s Sword, and the third book is The Warden and the Shadow Queen. These three will be followed by two yet to be named novels that will concentrate on some interesting characters Finn and Anna meet in the first three books. You will be surprised by these characters’ stories!

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This page is being updated often and will feature:

  • Maps
  • People
  • Races
  • Places


Below are maps for the Warden Saga stories. Feel free to download them for your personal use (and yes, I am watching you. I said personal use). My intention is to add bonus content from time to time. Please check back regularly.

This is the map of the known world (from a Tarmian point of view) at the time of the Warden Saga. The series will explore many more countries, their people and cultures in future books:

The map for Warden Saga Book 1:


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Achim Auttenburg – Kirk’s father

Akreen & Luvive – Finn and Garm’s grandparents

Anna – orphan, First Born

Anthon Cisaro – Krystorian knight and nephew to King Ferdinand II

Brotherhood of Shadows – Assassins guild

Bucket – Jonas’ dog

Carl Talbot – Leader of the Brotherhood of Shadows

Cisaro – Krystoria royal family name

Darius – woodsman

Derric Larmpstine – town drunk

Eula – hand maid

Finn – eldon, warden, welder of the black sword

First Born – ancient human bloodline

Flea – goblin

Frederick Eichmann – Wizard of Solaris

Garm – eldon, warden and Finn’s brother. Garm is over 7 foot tall

General Juan Lyomise – general of Naromia

Gustav Burgenmosse – gnome merchant

Janie Brauer – a Freewater local

Joanna Bohmer – mayor’s wife

Jobes – first mate of the Sea Harvest

Jonas Kalher – warden

Judge Francis Smythe – circuit judge

Karok Ironheart – dwarf, clan: The Forge of Apgrim

King Ferdinand II – king of Krystora, daughter is Princess Maria

King Miguel Borbe – Naromian king, Father of King Pablo

King Pablo Borbe IV – king of Naromia

King Wilhelm III – king of Tarmia

Kirk Auttenburg – Freewater local

Kliem – gnome

Kongen Jernstein – Dwarven king of Apgrim

Krulta One Eye – orc, mercenary

Leanar – Finn and Garm’s mother

Maximilian – assassin

Mayor Ernst Bohmer – mayor of Freewater

Mordan – alp

Morgan Tollis – necromaster

Mrs Nalrine – Freewater local

Phillip – King Wilhelm’s nephew

Princess Maria – daughter of King Ferdinand of Krystoria

Queen Sofia Borbe – Queen of Naromia

Renato & Louie – Prince Anthon’s knights

Severus – assassin

Tharr – eldon, bandit

Wizards of Solaris – First Blood mages

Wolfgang – Tollis’ right hand man


Human:   Apart from showering less, the humans are just like you and me. Their technology level is similar to medieval Europe, and each country is usually ruled by a monarchical system of government. Religion plays an important part of the day to day life of the working class. The churches’ holy men and women often mistreat the poor and they are fear by the average person in the street.





Goblin: A short race of beings 2 to 3 feet in height. Although mainly scavengers, goblins have sharp finger nails and teeth for ripping their food apart. Their faces are dominated by long noses, black eyes and pointed ears. Very few of this race have the gift of speech and they communicate with each other with grunts and squeaks. Many rightly believe goblins to have low or animal intelligence, and as ‘animals’ they are not truly evil beings. The intelligent few goblins normally function as pack leaders.

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