Draft 1 finished

The first draft of book 1 of The Sky Fire Chronicles is finished. I’m happy with how it turned out and I know you will also enjoy it. It is a high action fantasy story where the good guys have to battle mages, mutants and monsters!

Now for the hard work – revision! After several edits I will send the finished story to my editor and hopefully, it will be ready for an August release. The book cover has also been commissioned. I’ll post pictures when it is ready.

At the same time book 1 is published, I will also publish a short story/novella based in the same world. This story will not contain any characters from the main series and is a standalone story. It will contain more background Sky Fire world information and will be released to my reader group for free (hint: join my reader group now, links on my website’s Home page) and for sale on Amazon. More on this story soon!


Have a great week. Happy reading!



Wahoo! Alchemy and Arcana: An Urban Fantasy Novella Collection is ready for pre-order. If you love Ubran Fantasy, and who doesn’t, grab a copy now that it’s 99c. I have a story in it called The Dragon Stone and I’m curious what you think. Please, let me know.

Look at this cover. Pretty cool yeah?

The Alchemy and Arcana boxed set contains an incredible 22 URBAN FANTASY STORIES, including works by NYT and USA Today bestselling authors!
Enter this supernatural world of magic and adventure, filled with demons and ghosts, vampires and witches, angels and shifters, and so much more. Once you step inside, you may never want to leave.


Hello friends. I have taken a small break from book 1 of my new fantasy series to write an Urban Fantasy short story for a multi-author anthology. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass! The story is called The Dragon Stone and the anthology will be published in June/July 2017.

I will post here when it’s published, and also in my newsletter – so sign up if you haven’t,  its free and you can also download a free short story. Newsletter/Free Story


Book Review and Interview

The talented author, Danni Line recently interviewed me and reviewed The Warden and the Shadow Queen (book 3) for her blog. It can be found here: DDLine Author Blog 

Below is a copy of the transcript from her site:


The Warden and the Shadow Queen – Book 3 of the Warden Saga.

Anna slips further away from Finn, and looks doomed to fall into darkness. Her fate is in his hands. To save her, he must travel across the sea, storm a castle, battle an insane enemy, and a horde of undead soldiers.

All the while, the ancient order of mages scheme in the background. Their ambition for power threatens to cover the land in death and darkness. Can Finn stop the horrors their magic unleashes in time?

Will he finally discover the secrets of the Black Sword? And why does it thirst for blood? 

Imprisoned, half-starved, and despairing, Anna’s hopes of rescue are fading fast. Finn and his promise to save her seems a lifetime ago. Instead, her enemies are gaining ground and weaving their dark magic. Not even the promise of death can give her salvation from the horrors to come.

Desperate, and half mad with the thought of failing not only his love, but also his entire Eldon race, Finn feels the pressure to rescue Anna from her fate. The black sword leads him ever onwards, but not even Finn truly understands how he, Anna, and the wicked-sharp blade’s futures are entwined.

Mr Summerhayes excels at fight scenes and book three was no different when it came to sword fights, demon wrangling, utilising his characters’ thirst for revenge and their desire to prevail over great odds. The growing inner strength, maturity, and self-discovery of main characters, Finn and Anna, was evident in the way they handled adversity. Villainy abounded, curses flew, and dark magic, well, dark magic did what it does best – left the reader wanting more. 🙂


Author Interview

Mr Summerhayes also kindly agreed to answer a few ‘intense’ writing questions. 😉

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

Like most writers, I wrote or told stories from an early age. It was always my dream to be an author and create worlds.

In 2015, I wrote freelance for a gaming company, and saw my name in a printed book – it was then I started thinking that I may just be a writer, and that’s when I decided to take my hobby more serious. I now have five stories in print.

Do you have support from family and friends?

My family and friends have always given me encouragement – which initially surprised me. Writing is a lonely pursuit, and if your family gives you the time and space to write, that is often all the support a writer needs. Thankfully, nobody has told me to forget writing and get a real job.

Do you have a particular writing style?

That’s a hard question as writing styles are subjective to the individual reader. We all interpret stories slightly differently, based on our own likes or dislikes.

My aim is to write adventure stories, with protagonists who develop and grow as the story unfolds. Most of my stories contain a young protagonist, and would be classified as YA (but not all). I like YA as the young protagonist has room to grow and learn who they are as the story unfolds.

What are your favourite story writing genres and authors and what draws you to them?

I like many genres; Sci-fi, Mysteries, Horror, Westerns, but Fantasy, and Sword and Sorcery have always been my favourites.

I grew up reading JRR Tolkien (he taught me to day dream), Gene Wolf, Frank Herbert, Edger Rice Borroughs, Dragonlance, and Robert E Howard’s Conan novels. I prefer stories with a fast-paced storyline with heaps of action – I am currently enjoying Joe Abercrombie’s style of writing.

What inspired you to write the Warden Saga?

I was inspired to write about Finn and his friends because of my love of the Fantasy genre. Growing up, I always day-dreamed stories of wizard and dragons, and now as an adult (I use that term loosely), I get to write about them! We write stories that we love to read.

Can you tell us what are you working on at the minute?

I don’t like talking about a book before it’s finished – I guess I’m secretive. All I will say is that it’s a Fantasy story with a dystopian twist. It’s over half written and I’m excited to see it published soon. I am aiming for a May-June release date and it’s the start of a new series.

Don’t worry Warden Saga readers, I will return to the wardens soon.

How much research do you do?

I do as much research as a story requires. For example, many of the languages in the Warden Saga are modified present day languages (German, Nordic etc.) and the same with the food – mostly traditional German food.

When I wrote the background stories for The Devil’s Run board game, I researched bikie gang structures, military and civilian weapons, nuclear fallout, and studied maps of western USA, where the game takes place. Looking back now, a lot of research went into those stories.

Do you have a writing routine?

Yes. Finishing a story is all about routine, and I try to write every day. Unfortunately, I’m not productive at night, so that’s when I do marketing or social media.

Do you ever get writer’s block and if so, how do you get through it?

I haven’t had writer’s block (I personally don’t believe it’s a real thing). I have been stuck, deciding which way to take a story, but the more I plan a story prior to starting the less I have this issue. When you are ‘stuck’, stop writing and plot out your next few scenes or chapters. You’ll find in a few hours (or days) you’ll have the creative juices flowing again.

What book/s are you reading at present?

I’m currently reading Joe Abercrombie’s ‘Before They Are Hanged’, the second book of The First Law series. I really enjoy his writing style and how he weaves a story with both intrigue and action – it’s highly recommended.

Do you edit as you go or finish the story first?

I write the story first and then go over it several times. The story changes slightly during each draft, as I add in new information or tweak a plot line. After I’ve written a few drafts and I’m happy with the story flow, I send it to my editor for the final polish.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Write every day. There is no other secret to completing a story.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I spend time with my family; going to the kids’ sports and school activities. I like to unwind by reading or watching movies or TV series. I am also restoring an old car in my shed, which I hope to finish by the end of the year.

What do you think makes a good story?

For me, a good book either contains interesting characters that I want to know more about, or the story is just fun. As I read for entertainment, if it’s not interesting I will stop and read something else.

If you write more than one genre, how do you balance them?

I don’t have a problem writing in different genres and I find it’s actually fun. It gives you a break from your main genre. I wouldn’t want to write two different genre stories at the same time though – that would be too hard.

Last year, while I edited one of my fantasy novels, I also wrote a post-apocalyptic novella for a board game with no issues.

Are you a plotter, panster or a combination of both?

I do both. I plan out all of the main characters and all the key plot points for the whole story and then start writing. I often change things as I write with only the start and end of the story normally remaining unchanged. If I get stuck, it means I need to do more planning.

What question do you wish someone would ask, but no one ever has?

I wish someone would ask me to write an official Conan the Barbarian novel! That’s one of my childhood dreams.

Any writing rituals / superstitions?

Yes! I always write wearing my lucky hat!

Actually, no superstitions or rituals. I know that’s boring. Sorry.

How did you deal with rejection letters (if you had any?)

I’ve not had a rejection letter from a publisher before as I am an indie author. Be your own boss!

I have written in IP’s which were not mine, and I also have a story in a paranormal anthology. If you’re writing for another person, get all the information you can. It’s a great experience to work outside your comfort zone. Give it a go. You might just learn something about yourself.

Thank you so much for your time, Paul. 🙂

New Year

New Year

Well, it’s New Year’s eve and I, like most people, am looking back at the year just gone. What have I achieved in my writing life? This year I have published the first two novels in the Warden Saga, a short story and a novella for Devil’s Run board game. Whew! Not bad for the first year writing as a professional. 

I tried to finish the third novel of Warden Saga by the end of December, but I have fallen a little short. The first draft should be finished by the end of the first or second week of January 2017, then a round of self-editing and then off to a professional editor. I am predicting it should be published in late February or early March.

So, what’s next? More stories of course. With the main Warden story wrapping up in book 3, I have been looking at a new series. I’ll tell you more in the next few weeks. Will I return to the Warden Saga in the future? You bet. 

Anyway, all the best to you and your family in the New Year. I hope it’s a good one! 


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