The first draft of book 1 of The Sky Fire Chronicles is finished. I’m happy with how it turned out and I know you will also enjoy it. It is a high action fantasy story where the good guys have to battle mages, mutants and monsters!

Now for the hard work – revision! After several edits I will send the finished story to my editor and hopefully, it will be ready for an August release. The book cover has also been commissioned. I’ll post pictures when it is ready.

At the same time book 1 is published, I will also publish a short story/novella based in the same world. This story will not contain any characters from the main series and is a standalone story. It will contain more background Sky Fire world information and will be released to my reader group for free (hint: join my reader group now, links on my website’s Home page) and for sale on Amazon. More on this story soon!


Have a great week. Happy reading!

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