Black Friday $ale

Dear friends, it’s Black Friday $ale time and all my novels and story stories (not anthologies) are now 99c !!! But this sale ends Friday 23rd at midnight.

Discounted Books here !!!!!!!!!!

That means you can buy almost everything I have written in the last 3 years for the price of a cup of coffee! ? Where does all the time go?

Weird Western Reviews

Weird Western Reviews

Hi guys,

I have decided to do my bit for the weird western genre by listing and reviewing weird western books, comics, games, TV, movies etc.. Why? I hear you ask. Because I love the genre and I would like to do my bit to promote this cool genre.

How will I review a product and what will it contain? The reviews will be short and may contain things like:

  • A book cover, picture or screenshot of the product
  • A brief description or book blurb
  • A link to the product (Goodreads, Homepage etc., but not an online seller if it can be helped)
  • My personal opinion of the product
  • My personal scores for each aspect of the product as defined by me (well it is MY review)
  • My personal overall rating out of five stars
    • 5 Stars: Awesome! I couldn’t put it down
    • 4 Stars: Fantastic. A real page-turner
    • 3 Stars: Enjoyable. A good read
    • 2 Stars: Not fun. A struggle to read
    • 1 Star: Not recommended (no hate)

If you are interested in the weird western genre and most intelligent, good-looking people are, then check back with my blog regularly.

The reviews will be title; Review 1, Review 2 etc.. Yeah, I know. It’s a brilliant naming convention and I should patent it…

Doc Holliday

Hi. I haven’t written a post for a while and I’m sorry. I’m not sure if you know, but writing is not my full time job and there are times when my other life (family, work etc.) takes priority and slows my writing down and therefore the publishing of more books.

I do have some good news. The next novel in the Sky Fire Chronicles is written and I am just finishing off the last of my edits before sending it off to a professional editor.  If all goes well, I hope to have Doc Holliday published and available on Amazon by the start of August (or earlier!). Yay!

Keep a lookout for an email from me soon telling you it’s available. If you haven’t joined my reader’s group please do so now by using the signup link on my Home page.

Bye for now,



Doc Holliday is almost finished

I have been asked a few times when book 2 of the Sky Fire Chronicles will be published. Doc Holliday’s first draft is almost completed. When finished, it will be followed by a few rounds of self edits before sending it to a professional editor. It will hopefully be published in late March or early April. Join my Readers Group (the link is on the home page) if you want to know when it is ready.

Doc Cover

Doc Holliday, The Sky Fire Chronicles Book 2’s cover is finished and ready for a reveal – but I’m going to show my awesome reader’s first. If you want a look at the cover you’ll have to sign-on to my reader’s group (link on the right). It’s free.

For any Sky Fire readers, keep a lookout for an email this weekend with the new cover! I hope you like it!

An Update: I’m 40% through the first draft of Doc Holliday. It is on schedule for a February release. More news soon.

The Warden’s Sword

Hello. Book 2 of the Warden Saga, The Warden’s Sword, is published and is available on November 4th.

I hope you enjoy the continuation of Finn’s adventure. There is a lot at stake in this story and some interesting discoveries. I really enjoyed writing this one and can’t wait to get book 3 finished. All I will say is there are a lot more surprises and twists and turns ahead for our young hero. Stay tuned! 

The editor on this book was Chelly, from Ink It Out Editing and she is was an awesome person to work with. 

Here is the Amazon US link:


Corruption, Betrayal, Knowledge
The terrible rumours of war, echoes across the known lands as the master rises up to steal back his most prized object—which just happens to be the warden Finn’s best friend, Anna. Pushing himself to his limit, Finn fights for his friend’s freedom but fighting always extracts a heavy toll. Can he pay the cost? And will he be in time to save Anna?

At a critical moment, one of Finn’s closest friends will double-cross him, betraying his trust. But who and why?

A mysterious person from the past will materialise to assist Finn in his time of need— just as the eldon’s time runs out. Who is this person? Friend or foe?

And what of the black sword?

…What does it want?


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