I am an Australian author, husband, and father who loves to write YA, sci-fi, fantasy and westerns stories.

I have been a wargamer and computer gamer since … well, a long time and I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to write professionally for the gaming industry – it’s a childhood dream come true! 


My Bio:

2017, September – TBA – Novel (Sky Fire Chronicles)

2017, July – The Texan and the Egyptian – Short Story (Sky Fire Chronicles)

2017, June – The Dragon Stone – Short Story (Alchemy and Arcana Anthology) 

2017, Feb – The Warden and the Shadow Queen – Novel (The Warden Saga)

2016, Nov – Hell’s Highway – A Devil’s Run Novella (for Word Forge Games, Aug 2017)

2016, Nov – A Warden’s Sword – Novel (The Warden Saga)

2016, May – The King’s Warden – Novel (The Warden Saga)

2016, May – Haunted: HousesThe Shadow Over Number 9 – Short Story (Anthology) 

2016, February – The Shadow Over Number 9 – Short Story

2015 – The Devil’s Run: Route 666 boardgame – Background Story Writer http://www.wordforgegames.com/


Pre-2015 – Non-professional writer and blogger

www.the-wargamer.com (one of the sites I blog on)


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