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Hi, I am Paul and I am a sci-fi and fantasy author.

Like all writers, I am currently penning the next big number one seller – move aside George RR Martin and JK Rowling! 

My love of books has guided me through life to a point where I create my own sci-fi and fantasy stories. I have also been lucky to write professionally for the gaming industry. As wargamer, it has been a life’s dream come true. You never know where you’ll see my name in the credits.

If you would like to talk about books or say hi, please get in contact.

The King’s Warden

The Warden Saga Book 1

Magic, Murder, and Mystery
As strangers in a new land, two brothers, Finn and Garm, are fortunate to be mentored by an old warden. Becoming a warden himself, Finn must uphold the king’s law, whatever the cost. Events beyond his control force Finn to fight for his own life and for his friends against powerful foes as he searches for his mentor and also his father who is rumored to be dead. In his quest, he is aided by an unlikely ally and he is witness to the power of ancient and dark magic.

The Warden’s Sword

The Warden Saga Book 2

Corruption, Betrayal, Knowledge
The terrible rumours of war, echoes across the known lands as the master rises up to steal back his most prized object—which just happens to be the warden Finn’s best friend, Anna. Pushing himself to his limit, Finn fights for his friend’s freedom but fighting always extracts a heavy toll. Can he pay the cost? And will he be in time to save Anna?At a critical moment, one of Finn’s closest friends will double-cross him, betraying his trust. But who and why? And what of the black sword? …What does it want?

The Warden and the Shadow Queen

The Warden Saga Book 3

Anna slips further away from Finn, and looks doomed to fall into darkness. Her fate is in his hands. To save her, he must travel across the sea, storm a castle, battle an insane enemy, and a horde of undead soldiers.

All the while, the ancient order of mages scheme in the background. Their ambition for power threatens to cover the land in death and darkness. Can Finn stop the horrors their magic unleashes in time?

Haunted: Houses

A Collection of Ghost Stories

What happens when you get a bunch of best-selling paranormal authors together and tell them to write about haunted houses? What happens when the place in which you’re meant to feel the safest turns against you? Where do you go when the world inside your four walls is scarier than the world outside?

Get ready to find out!

The Shadow Over Number 9

This is a short story set in England during World War 2 (1943). At a time when countries and families were being ripped apart by a never ending conflict, two young boys, Thomas and Charles, escape the devastating London bombings and together discover the mysteries of an old house in the country…

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